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Hi There,
My name is Donna and I’d like to welcome you to my blog.  Here you will be able to exchange patterns, ideas and share your work.  Even though it is mostly crochet, you may post any other type of crafts you wish.  There are so many great projects and every artist can share their work.  I hope you will join me whenever you can.  If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to email me at  Just be sure to put ‘Dainty Crochet’ in the subject line or I might delete it as spam. 😉

Thanks for stopping by ~ Donna – DaintyCrochet



About Dainty Crochet

One of my greatest passions in life is to crochet and find new patterns. I have been crocheting since my Mom and Grandmother taught me at the age of 8. To this day it amazes me how one strand of thread can create something so unique.
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174 Responses to Crafting Discussion Group

  1. Linda Lee says:

    Royal Baby Booties by Katy Boyce
    ( I believe the knit 42 rows is a typo on the knit cuff. )

  2. These baby shoes are the cutes shoes going! So many options. Amelda Marcos would be thrilled!!!

  3. Donna says:

    Cute Little purses

  4. Donna - Dolls says:

    This is for the doll lovers and collectors. A great tutorial site for making dolls and accessories. I’ll never grow up if they keep making sites like these. I’ve been a doll collector since I got my first doll. I still have my original Tiny Tear doll Santa gave me in 1958. Enjoy

  5. Donna -Mittens says:

    This is the easiest mitten pattern I ever came across
    Check out my ‘Christmas Presents’ page and take a look at the results 🙂

  6. This is a cute idea for Halloween. The witches alone would make a great pin!

  7. Christmas is just around the corner. Time to start making gifts and ornaments for our friends and loved ones. There are so many possibilities on the web and so many patterns. Let’s start out small
    Christmas Tree Tutorial:

    **check my ‘Black Tree’ for another tree pattern in the ‘Jingle Bells or Trick or Treat??’ Posts

    Lot’s of Snowflakes:

  8. This really looks thick and easy to do! I like the look of the stitch which reminds me of the Tunisian or weave stitch. It would probably make a nice heavy blanket too.

  9. Donna says:

    These are real cute: Owl Baby Slipper Pattern

  10. Donna- says:

    Lots of links here, some aren’t working 😦

  11. Donna- Crochet Snow-Yo Men says:
  12. Donna - Crocheted Doilies says:

    Lots of great Crocheted Doilies on this site!!

  13. Donna - Baby Hearts Bonnet says:

    I need baby hats for my two neices and a friend. I came accoss this cute ‘Baby Heart Bonnet’ in crochet…..

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