Scarves for Special Olympics

The colors are out for the 2012 Special Olympics Games.

The colors are Red Heart Soft Navy Blue (0387) and Red Heart Cherry Red (0319).  Any one who is interested in donating there time in making a scarf or two will be greatly appreciated.  It is truly a great cause.  For more information, please go to their website.  The participating states will be announced on May 23rd. 

The requirements are that they MUST be 6″ wide and anywhere from 54″ to 60″ long.  Also they must have both blue & red colors in the finished scarf.

Here are the 4 of the scarves I’ve completed so far.  More to come. I have found two more patterns which I can’t wait to try 🙂 ~ Donna

Here’s the pattern for the granny square scarf.  I kinda made it up as I went along…. 3 rows of basic granny square using a G hook. 4th row: hdc in every stitch (2hdc-ch2-2hdc) in corners. 5th row: sc in every stitch (3 sc) in corner. Sew 9 squares together, then edge with dc, *ch2 skip 2 sc, dc. *repeat. I added the fringe to measure 60″. You can add another square if you wish.

Here is a picture of my 6th scarf.  They are ready to be sent to the Long Island Region.  I found out the other day talking to one of my patients that the Special Olympics are going to be held at the High School I graduated from in 1968!!


About Dainty Crochet

One of my greatest passions in life is to crochet and find new patterns. I have been crocheting since my Mom and Grandmother taught me at the age of 8. To this day it amazes me how one strand of thread can create something so unique.
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11 Responses to Scarves for Special Olympics

  1. I... says:

    MISS LINDA http://www.crochet latest crochet patterns. tons of dish-cloth/face-cloth patterns here.

  2. Donna - 3 Scarves and counting..... says:

    I’ve finished 3 Blue & Red scarves so far. I am very pleased with the way they came out. I’ll post a pic in a day or 2 🙂

    • I... says:

      Miss Donna, your scarves are absolutely beautiful.

      • Donna - 3 Scarves and counting..... says:

        Thank you Irene. I’m on my 5th one. I’m tickled pink that New York is accepting scarves this year… and the Long Island Region too!!

  3. I... says:

    I have been making slipper socks like crazy these past few weeks for our summer town-wide garage sale. They are just tube socks really (no heels) so they make up quickly and can be don in crazy colors for children.

  4. Donna -Tags says:

    I looked through the site a little more and they have a PDF that you can print out the tags to put on your scarves. What a great idea! They even have a PDF for flyers 🙂

  5. Linda Lee says:

    Count me in…I have my yarn and am finishing my second scarf now. 🙂

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