Joining Granny Squares or Blocks

I found the best way to connect squares without any hassle is to start with a sc, ch5, skip 3 stitches,
*sc in next, ch5 skip 3 stitches *repeat all the way around adding 7 chs instead of 5ch at the corners on the beginning square only.

2nd square: sc in stitch, *ch2, sl st in 2nd chain on beginning square, ch2, skip 3 stitches on 2nd square, sc in next stitch, *repeat…


About Dainty Crochet

One of my greatest passions in life is to crochet and find new patterns. I have been crocheting since my Mom and Grandmother taught me at the age of 8. To this day it amazes me how one strand of thread can create something so unique.
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1 Response to Joining Granny Squares or Blocks

  1. Teresa says:

    I found your blog through crochet partners. I can’t really comment on your method of joining squares other than to say it looks beautiful. The blanket in your example is gorgeous. Glad I found your blog.

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