Quick Christmas Gifts….

Merry Christmas to All

I am always doing things at the last minute. Here are three patterns that are quick and easy. I needed a small present for a swap but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to make. Then I remembered posting the ‘Granny Christmas Tree’ and decided it would be the perfect gift, however I did make it a bit little smaller, resizing the squares. It took me less than 2 hours to make. Here is my version of the tree:

Granny Tree

Another really fast pattern is the Sock Monkey Hat.  Notice that the pattern is made for all sizes. I didn’t have the grey as the pattern called for so I used what I had on hand.  I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out even thought it’s a different color. The size was for a three month old.

Monkey Sock Hat http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2012/11/crochet-sock-monkey-hat-pattern.html

Last is the Poinsettia Pin which worked up in about 30 minutes! Now thats quick!! A wonderful pattern, too.

Ponsettia Pin


Thanks to the wonderful Ladies from ‘Crochetpartners’ group who posted the patterns and the crafter who designed the patterns.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday! ~ Donna


About Dainty Crochet

One of my greatest passions in life is to crochet and find new patterns. I have been crocheting since my Mom and Grandmother taught me at the age of 8. To this day it amazes me how one strand of thread can create something so unique.
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2 Responses to Quick Christmas Gifts….

  1. Linda Lee says:

    What fun, fun Christmas crafts to work on for 2013 when Winter truly arrives and we’re stuck inside.
    Thank you Miss Donna.

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