Crocheted Christmas Presents

I have made many of presents through my years of crocheting and something just dawned on me……  Surprisingly enough I have never made and given hats or mittens as a gift.  Oh sure, I have made many hats for charitable organizations, family and friends but never for a birthday or holiday.  This year will be the first!

I have 5 grand-nephews and 2 grand- nieces.  I thought that searching for the perfect hat pattern should be easy until I discovered that they weren’t quite what I was looking for.  Either too girlish or too plain.  I was looking for something that all had the same simple look yet both can wear.  Then I remembered the ‘Color Me Easy!’ hat in the April 2007 issue of Crochet World.

I finished the first hat with 3 hrs.  Two more with in the next two days.  Something seems missing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the hats but they didn’t seem complete.  Then I thought about making gloves to match.  Shivers went up and down my spine!! I’ve never made (or ever cared to!) make gloves….. tried making one once and it was a disaster (the thumb was bigger than the forefinger!!) ….. maybe I’ll try mittens.

Back on the search engines, I can’t believe that my first hit was exactly what I had in mind.  It matched the ribbing on the hat!  Firing up the printer, I was ready to try my hand at mittens. Pattern looks easy enough.

 Within the hour I made my first mitten!!! I can’t beleive all this time I lost not making these two easy warm-up gifts!!!  I sure hope they like them.



About Dainty Crochet

One of my greatest passions in life is to crochet and find new patterns. I have been crocheting since my Mom and Grandmother taught me at the age of 8. To this day it amazes me how one strand of thread can create something so unique.
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12 Responses to Crocheted Christmas Presents

  1. jan says:

    Do you have pattern for crochet xmas tree?

    • The pattern I used on the black & white trees is no longer available on the web from Lionbrand. I had posted it before Christmas but it is not mine to keep on my blog. You can find trees that are similiar by putting in ‘Christmas Tree’ in your search engine. Good luck.

  2. Diane Mann says:

    Love your hat and mittens but looked at the April 2007 issue of Crochet World and didn’t find the pattern. I’m looking at the online version. Maybe it’s different than the print version. Just wanted to find the pattern. Your hat and mittens are beautiful!

    • Donna says:

      Oh Diane, I’m so sorry. I too went back to look for the pattern and it’s gone. I never printed out the whole thing and I wanted to make sure I had a complete copy. I searched every one of the archives TWICE! and I can’t find it. I am so sure that it was that date because I posted it within a day or two after I finished the hat. Since it was publicly posted and not for sale I don’t think there would be any harm in scanning you a copy. Just sent your email to So sorry for my stupid mistake!!

  3. jd wolfe says:

    your hats and mittens turned out great! thanks for sharing your work. i think the little ones who receive them will be pleased – and warm!
    jd in st louis

  4. Kim Luniak says:

    Love the hat and mittens. I was wondering if you could tell me which mitten pattern you used. It really does look great with the hat and I have never had any luck with mittens in the past. Maybe I would have luck with the pattern you used. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  5. Linda Lee says:

    I just love the colors of the hats and mittens, Donna.
    You put a lot of time and love into your crocheting and it shows.

    • Thank you so much Linda for stopping by. I just love the way these came out. And so very easy to make. I’m way ahead of schedule with my gifts I started another one with the camouflage yarn. That one should be an interesting design. My Mom always said ‘if you’re gonna do something, do it right and put your heart and soul into it!!’ Thanks for posting!

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