A White Tree with Granny Skirt

I always loved the look of the granny square tree skirts so I decided to add my own to a white tree this time.  I haven’t finished it yet but you will get the jest of what it will look like.  Here is a sample of the granny’s:

DSC01460  DSC01461 DSC01462  DSC01464

I will post the complete tree before I starch and decorate it.  I have only two more squares to make which will take me all of 5 minutes but unfortunately I can’t keep my eyes open….   sorry…. BBL  

November 4th, 2016

     xmas-trees-007  xmas-trees-006

     xmas-trees-004  xmas-trees-005

Finally completed the remaining granny squares. The tree is ready to be starched and decorated.  I  can’t believe it took me over 2 years to complete such a small area 🙂 but I’m happy its done.  I’m not sure what type of decorations I want on the tree yet. I imagine them to be plain, not too colorful as I don’t want it to out-shine the beauty of the skirt… possibly one-color ornaments such as green or blue since there is quite a bit of red yarn completing the edge of the skirt. Hope you like it!!



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