I started this beaded necklace over two weeks ago.  I put down my crochet hook and ventured out into the unknown.  Thank goodness for for all the info and visuals.  Not quite sure how its going to turn out, however I am enjoying the change.

These are some of the earrings that I have created in the past.   Every once in a while I pick up a needle and some beads just for the fun of it.

Once upon a time I made jewelry from contact paper and paper clips.  To this day, I still wear one I made back in the 70’s.  Amazing what you can do with the silliest things if you have imagination.  I, myself, did not dream that up, just saw it and worked with the idea.

(Incidently, these were made for a swap I participated in.)


DSC01358 DSC01360 DSC01359 DSC01356 DSC01352 DSC01366

I tried my hand at crocheting a button necklace for myself.  I think it came out quite well but it was just too heavy for me so I passed it on to my niece which she sold on ebay 🙂 I also made a matching bracelet. I might try it again in the future but right now I need to complete all the trees I started…. Christmas is coming!

My Button Necklace

1 Response to JEWELRY SHOPPE

  1. I... says:

    Miss D., what a gorgeous project…It came out so nicely. I love it.

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