Crocheted Christmas Presents

I have made many of presents through my years of crocheting and something just dawned on me……  Surprisingly enough I have never made and given hats or mittens as a gift.  Oh sure, I have made many hats for charitable organizations, family and friends but never for a birthday or holiday.  This year will be the first!

I have 5 grand-nephews and 2 grand- nieces.  I thought that searching for the perfect hat pattern should be easy until I discovered that they weren’t quite what I was looking for.  Either too girlish or too plain.  I was looking for something that all had the same simple look yet both can wear.  Then I remembered the ‘Color Me Easy!’ hat in the April 2007 issue of Crochet World.

I finished the first hat with 3 hrs.  Two more with in the next two days.  Something seems missing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the hats but they didn’t seem complete.  Then I thought about making gloves to match.  Shivers went up and down my spine!! I’ve never made (or ever cared to!) make gloves….. tried making one once and it was a disaster (the thumb was bigger than the forefinger!!) ….. maybe I’ll try mittens.

Back on the search engines, I can’t believe that my first hit was exactly what I had in mind.  It matched the ribbing on the hat!  Firing up the printer, I was ready to try my hand at mittens. Pattern looks easy enough.

 Within the hour I made my first mitten!!! I can’t beleive all this time I lost not making these two easy warm-up gifts!!!  I sure hope they like them.


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Quick Christmas Gifts….

Merry Christmas to All

I am always doing things at the last minute. Here are three patterns that are quick and easy. I needed a small present for a swap but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to make. Then I remembered posting the ‘Granny Christmas Tree’ and decided it would be the perfect gift, however I did make it a bit little smaller, resizing the squares. It took me less than 2 hours to make. Here is my version of the tree:

Granny Tree

Another really fast pattern is the Sock Monkey Hat.  Notice that the pattern is made for all sizes. I didn’t have the grey as the pattern called for so I used what I had on hand.  I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out even thought it’s a different color. The size was for a three month old.

Monkey Sock Hat

Last is the Poinsettia Pin which worked up in about 30 minutes! Now thats quick!! A wonderful pattern, too.

Ponsettia Pin

Thanks to the wonderful Ladies from ‘Crochetpartners’ group who posted the patterns and the crafter who designed the patterns.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday! ~ Donna

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Jingle Bells or Trick or Treat??

Wanting to get a jump on the holidays, I started out making a green crocheted Christmas tree with a fully decorated skirt done in festive colors for the holidays when my co-worker, Kyle said ‘Why now? Shouldn’t you be making a tree for Halloween?’ A tree?? for Halloween?? ummm….let me think. A bright white light appeared and off I skipped to Michael’s.

Going to Michael’s Craft Store for me is like being a candy store filled with chocolate.  I had to put my blinders on and headed straight for the yarn section.  Black, orange,  yellow and purple tucked under my arm, I proceeded to the main aisle where amongst the witches and goblins, I found an array of small trickets to make hanging ornaments.  WoW! I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I filled my basket with skeltons, pumpkins, bats, gourds and anything else I could find that were the perfect size.  One more aisle to go- beads & eyepins.  I eyed my basket taking a mental count of what I had, I stood in line waiting for my turn.  Coupon in hand, I finished my transaction and left.  Before heading home, I stopped in the $1 store to pick up another string of skeltons which I had purchases weeks before.  I had plans for them.  They should only know whats in store for them!!

Wondering what I should start first, the tree or the ornaments, I decided on the tree.  It took me about 2 days to finish crocheting.  As I started on the skirt, I decided to add candy corns all the way around.  I was extremely pleased with  the black tree.  Even more than the green tree I previously made.  Maybe because the color was unique and no one I knew of has ever said they made a black tree before.  Pleased with myself, I started on the ornaments…..

Now where did I put that string of skeltons??  I layed out all my goodies and the tools I needed.  I grabbed my paint & brushes and lost myself in the world of creativity.  I worked on the pieces that needed to be touched up with paint so they dried first.

I cut my eyepins and glued a bead on the completed ornaments.  I took the string of skeltons and carefully chopped their hand and feet (ew! gruesome! Thank God no blood or I would have passed out!) and added a bead & eyepin to each.  I beheaded the skull (Ouch! there is blood…. I prinked my finger!!) another bead and eyepin.  I even did a few loose bones. 

I glued a few beads together to make a few  spiders and decorated the tree with a few webs and my finished ornaments.  I topped the tree with a small sitting scarecrow.  Not only did Kyle like the tree, he now owns it!  It was fun to do something entirely different than the norm.  Guess I’ll get back to my green tree, off to Michael’s for more ornaments!  Christmas is coming…….

Happy Halloween!!

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“Candy Heart Afghan” Square

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Nick the Clown


A long time ago I designed a clown made from a hand cranked knitting machine. My Mom called him ‘Nick the Clown’ and he’s been a part of my family ever since. I decided to revise the pattern in this crochet tutorial. You can use any colors you like to create this 26 inch clown. As you can see, I used the primary colors to write this pattern. It will be done step by step so please have a little patience.  If you find any errors, please be kind enough to let me know so I can make the corrections .  ~~ thanks.

This is what the original clown looked like.  I am going to reproduce it as close as possible. Remember this one from a knitting machine back in the 70’s.

I am definately changing the look on the face and fine tune some of the details.  I guess you learn from experience 🙂


Any Worsted Weight Yarns in ass’t colors:  you will need at least 10 colors, however you can use any colors that you wish in either solid or variegated. 

RED, BLUE, GREEN, PINK, YELLOW, ORANGE for the Yo Yo’s and Body Panels.

BLACK for the shoes.

WHITE for the head and hands.

PURPLE for the collar.

BURNT ORANGE or BROWN for the hair.

Any color for Hat and Bowtie.

Size Hook H or 8

Tapestry Needle

YO YO’s:  Make 10 each of 6 Basic Colors

Chain 4

ROW 1:  DC in 4rd chain from hook (beg 3 skipped chs count as first dc)  Work 11 more dc’s in same ch, Join in top of beg ch.  (12 dc’s)

ROW 2:  Chain 3, dc in same stitch, 2 dc’s in each stitch around, join. (24 dc’s)

ROW 3:  Chain 2, working in back stitches only, dec  (decrease) next 2 dc’s together.  Continue decreasing around, joining in top of beg chain.

ROW 4:  Chain 2, working in both loops, dec 2 dc’s together around.  Fasten off leaving enough yarn for sewing opening shut if need be.

These are the finished Yo-Yo’s for the arms and legs.

So far I have 4 1/2 body panels made.  Once all six are completed, they will be sewn together and stuffed.


All Six body panels are completed and ready for  sewing up the seams.  Once they are all sewn together, it will look like a big beach ball only a little on the oblong shape.


6 Different colors each panel

H Hook

Chain 3

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in next, ch 1, turn.

Row 2:  2 sc in begin sc, 2 sc in last, ch 1, turn. (4 sc)

Row 3:  2 sc in begin stitch, 1 sc in next 2 stitches, 2 sc in last, chain 1, turn. (6 sc)

Row 4: sc in each sc accross.

Row 5:      More to come……..









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Linda Lee’s Crafts & More

Once upon a time, our Ms. Linda had her own blog loaded with all kinds of crafting websites. She was kind enough to keep her site open for our enjoyment so you can search to your hearts content. So grab your cup of coffee and enjoy her hard work. Be aware that you can no longer reply and don’t fret about the ‘Closed’ sign on the door, the door is unlocked… ENJOY!

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Joining Granny Squares or Blocks

I found the best way to connect squares without any hassle is to start with a sc, ch5, skip 3 stitches,
*sc in next, ch5 skip 3 stitches *repeat all the way around adding 7 chs instead of 5ch at the corners on the beginning square only.

2nd square: sc in stitch, *ch2, sl st in 2nd chain on beginning square, ch2, skip 3 stitches on 2nd square, sc in next stitch, *repeat…

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